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Crumbly, star-shaped and anise-flavored cookies for a perfect healthy snack. 110g, 45kcal/pc

Fruity, crunchy, fiber-loaded cookies. 200g, 45kcal/pc

Homemade Seville orange marmalade, made with fresh Seville oranges, lemons, and sugar

310g, 100kcal/srv

Delicious, healthy, flaky, light-air biscuits with a coconut taste. 144g, 35kcal/pc

Flavorful healthy date balls covered with sesame seeds.



Country Farm Organic, Extra Virgin, Cold-Pressed, Olive Oil.250ml

A variety of plain and pistachio ghraybeh delights with a hint of cardamom. 110g, 40kcal/pc

A healthy twist to the traditional sesame delights. 210g, 55kcal/pc

The traditional Lebanese Kishek. Sun-dried mixture of bulgur, fresh goat yogurt and Labneh. 340g, 4.3 kcal/g

Our special recipe made of fresh Figs and crunchy walnuts, making a thick sweety spread.340g, 65kcal/srv

Gourmet strawberry jam

a mix of cucumbers, mekti and turnip pickled

A 250ml of distilled orange blossom water with a subtle, citrus-floral taste. 250ml

Deeply flavored chili paste made of 100% organic toasted and reconstituted dried chilies. 140g, 31kcal/100g


Welcome to Udiversity. We are a culinary academy changing the way we accept, respect & integrate diverse people in our community.

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